Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
My beautiful daughter is 27 today. Where does the time go?
In a blink of an eye she is all grown up when only yesterday she was an adorable baby in my arms.

When they are small, and we were young and struggling, it seems our patience often wore thin.
I used to grow weary of hearing my mother say how I should embrace the days of my children's youth, because it would all be gone too soon, and how she wished we were all young again and back at home with her.

Of course, I used to think she was mad! Oh my! How I longed for the days when my kids could do more for themselves and not be so demanding.
Of course, now I understand why she felt the way she did; and of course, it is too late.
Too late to have those precious days back again, and too late to tell my mom, just how right she was.

I miss hearing the children wake up in the morning and listening while the chatted among themselves as they got ready for school.
I miss the rush as they come through the door at the end of the school day, all talking at once, trying to tell me all that had happened while they were away from home.
I miss kissing the boo-boo better.
I miss watching the tiny 'bird-mouth' open when it saw the feeding spoon coming close.
I miss the smell of freshly bathed children, and tucking them in all safe and snug in their beds.
I miss knowing they are safe and sound under one roof.
I miss them fighting over the 'window seat' in the car - oh yes - I do!
I miss being at home with them and seeing their faces light up on their birthdays.

As each passing year goes by, I realize more and more what a gift their birthday is to me.

Wishing you all the best, my precious daughter.
With all my love,
MomSee more of Elizabeth growing up by clicking here.


Debbie said...

Hi Maggie - how true - your Scarlett is the same age as my first born and I try to tell the mums of the children I take care of now to treasure this time as it is all too soon gone, never to be regained. Happy to birthday to Scarlett and to me too as we share the same day. Regards Debbie

sweetscarlett said...

Why thank you, Debbie!
Happy Birthday to you, too!
I only have a moment right now, but have gone to follow your blog - will read them and comment later.

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

What a wonderful post! My own mum keeps telling me the same thing...my gorgeous girl is 3 and at the height of her 'toddlerdom'. Some days, I am weary with answering so many 'why's?'and constant demands..yet I am so aware that this time will pass all too quickly and I can't bear the thought of her growing up and not being my little girl anymore. I will take your advice and savour every exhausting moment!