Friday, 20 March 2009

Hair Accessories from the Past for Today's Modern Girls

With modern design so much in vogue right now for home decor, who would have guessed that our modern young ladies would love a bit of vintage flair for the hair?
It seems no matter where we look today we see women wearing vintage-looking hair accessories that include feathers and net, buttons and rhinestones, velvet and satin and all sorts of vintage things!
Feathers bob on slivers of wire; bows adorn necklines and hair; mixed media corsages made with bits from the past combined with adornments of today, peek delicately from behind an ear.

Imagine my surprise when I received a little note from Tiffany, a young artist who had purchased some vintage buttons from my Etsy shop, EnglishPreserves.
Her note provided me with a link to a hair accessory she had made using one of the buttons!
I couldn't click it quickly enough! Here it is for you to peek at, too: GRACE

Tiffany's Etsy shop is called DecoNouveau and features all of her gorgeous hair accessories including: clips, headbands, bobby pins, and drops.

Tiffany is from Texas and creates her little bits of art by hand in her home using only the best materials - and some of them vintage - when she can get them.
She told me "I do most of my work while watching old classic and silent movies to get inspired. Sometimes I get inspired by everyday things -

"Flora" came from the appearance of a beautiful butterfly,which landed on my bike one day and went for a ride with me.
"Kimberley" (already sold) came from a shooting star I saw while up on my roof one night."

A bit about Tiffany from her profile:
I noticed that the vintage style of feathered and decorative hair pieces has come back 'in', but at such exorbitant prices! I try to make all of my work affordable for the average woman to look fabulous on a budget (I know it's tough, I am one myself!) without compromising quality or ethics. It's working out pretty well so far!
Tiffany names all of her pieces after family and friends, and uses friend for her models.
"Melody" is named after her mother (photograph at the top of this post) and "Hanni" is named after her step-grandmother who lives in Germany.

It's such a small world, isn't it?
Tiffany loves custom orders and wedding and prom season is upon us!
Go on and take a look at her unique and beautiful things - I know you will fall in love with them.



Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

I enjoyed reading this! The hair accessory with your vintage button turned out beautifully!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Maggie
How satisfying for you to see your buttons used in that way. I love hair accessories, especially when using vintage feathers or flowers.
Tiffany has made some lovely hair accessories!
Isabelle x

Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

These are really beautiful! Really nice to see how people use the things they buy and what they make.

LiLi M. said...

What a sweet gesture to contact you and let you enjoy too of what has been made of your fab supplies. I like that. And I like the results as well! Those accessoirees are all gorgeous and the names add to their charm. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on being on Etsy for a year, that's still a dream to me.
Have a nice day!

paperhill said...

Lovely accessories Maggie! I love seeing other artists take on the vintage style! Hope all is well.

katiegraczyk said...

that one blonde girl with the flower accessory in her hair kind of looks like Monkey! xoxo