Thursday, 26 March 2009

Artists to Share

Elizabeth's birthday is March 30th.
She is a grad student, attending New York University, and living in Brooklyn.
I live across the pond in England. Needless to say, important events in her life would be better shared, but that cannot always be.
I wanted to make this birthday we spend apart (again!) special.

Looking for something I knew she wanted and looking for something I knew she would love, but maybe had not thought about 'wanting' I turned to my favourite stomping ground: Etsy.
I am pleased to say the outcome was excellent and the artists deserve recognition for their fabulous goods.

First, I looked for the item Elizabeth was wanting and in need of: a ring holder for her kitchen to keep her rings safe while she prepares food or washes up the dishes.

She had sent me a link to a 'manufactured' ring holder featuring a hummingbird, saying it was 'less scary' than the 'freaky 'hand' ones'. She was describing the Victorian dishes that feature a small, raised hand in the center.
Now I like them, and do not find them freaky or scary, but Elizabeth does not, so they were immediately cast aside, as was the hummingbird - too commercial and a little on the tatty side, if you want my opinion of them. So the search began in earnest.

And it led me to Sue, from Cottonseed.
She was so awesome!
She was fast to respond to my custom request, quick to create a product just for me, and offered her work and shipping both at reasonable prices.
But that was only the beginning; she went the extra mile, including in her packaging an adorable hand-drawn card and a wee bouquet of lavender flowers.

My daughter was so impressed, she wrote a little post about it on her blog, The Brooklyn Clothesline.
She loves her new ring holder and has it in use already in her kitchen. Many thanks to Sue for her charming work and timeliness of creating and shipping. Stop by her shop, Cottonseed, and take a look at all of her wares - you won't be disappointed.

Next, I turned to something I knew Elizabeth would love: a Terrier pillow.

She would love to have a real terrier dog, but for now, she will have to make do with a pillow impostor!
The lovely creation sent to her from Iowa, was hand made and custom ordered from Teresa, from So Blissfully Vintage.

What an amazing woman Teresa is! I sent her a note asking her if she could make a pillow for me in a similar look to what she had used to make a top that had already been sold.
I also requested a colour for the reverse, rather than just white, and with lots of puffs on it, too.
Not only did she respond immediately, but she quickly found the identical fabric, and coordinating chenille for the back of the pillow, and sent photos off to me to ok.

They were fabulous so I authorised the order and paid immediately.
Then this amazing woman MADE THE PILLOW THE SAME DAY! I mean the whole entire process took no more than 24 hours from my first note to her to the the completed item.
Amazing service and fantastic work - well done Teresa!

Teresa specialises in vintage chenille items and welcome custom orders. She has been collecting vintage chenille bedspreads for years and knows all about them - where they were made, pattern names, etc. She is a wealth of knowledge!
Take a look in her shop, So Blissfully Vintage, too, and be amazed at her Easter bunnies and childrens' clothing.


Maggie Elizabeth at 2 years of age


LiLi M. said...

I love those presents. They are so pretty and well thought over. What a pleasure that you managed to find such nice and fast artists. I am going to follow your links, but not now, I spend too much time here on the computer. Thanks for the links though, they might come in handy sometimes. Congrats to your daughter! Have a nice weekend!

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

A very happy birthday to your daughter! And what a lucky girl she is. You found some lovely gifts for her. Isn't Etsy the best?

It must be hard being so far away from each other. I'm only a 4-hour drive from my daughter and even that seems too far. She a freshman and in a couple weeks, it will be her first birthday away from home. So we'll be driving down to see her for her b-day, probably more for us than for her!

Elizabeth Graczyk said...

Aww, what a sweet little blong article! I did write about both my gifts on the Brooklyn Clothesline.

Thanks for the beaautiful gifts! I love each one of them :) They are sure to become a part of my daily life and I will always think of you when I look at them :)

XOXO said...

beautiful ..
Its so hard when our daughters are so far away from us..
gorgeous blog..
love the pups

natalie jo said...

My Oh My what a lovely read I've had! How wonderful to see something you sold put to use...and in such a unique way. Deco Nouveau is fantastic and it's especially interesting to think of her watching the old movies as inspiration while she works. The sugar mice are a hoot! I'm hosting Easter this year and would love to have one on each plate as a tiny favor! My mom might not find much humor in it however, mice are to her what snakes are to me. And finally dear Maggie, your gifts to your daughter are as to be expected from you, EXTREMELY THOUGHFUL!
Most Fondly,
natalie jo

paperhill said...

how sweet maggie! i love those pictures. i can only imagine myself down the road with my daughter.....your gifts are so lovely and thoughtful! what a dear mother and daughter pair. i met your sister recently thru etsy and she is a doll too! must run in the family.xo susan

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Maggie
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter, it's today! I love the photos, so sweet! I am sure Elizabeth will love what you have bought here, I really like the dogs! It's not always easy being far from each other. My parents live in France and my sister is about to move back there too so I will no longer have any of my family in this country. The rest of family live in Belgium. My English Grandparents are no longer alive. In a way I have been used to having family in different countries ever since I was born so I got used to it but at times you wish there wasn't such a distance.
Take care
Isabelle x

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

Wishing her a very happy birthday!!

Bliss said...

Your daughter is a beauty!!!
Thanks for saying what I need to hear...some days with the kids are so exhausting.

I want to go see her blog when I get a chance :) I love the gifts you picked out!