Thursday, 26 March 2009

Give-aways! go on and take a peek . . .

This is a quick little note to let you know my friend, Susan, from Hometown Girl, has announced some give-aways, and I am passing along this information to you.
Please go and take a look at them:
Sevi Designs
Susan has a handmade frame included at sixoclockstitches giveaway and so you don't want to miss entering!


Kris said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Phil and I went up for the visitation and it was good for Phil to catch up with family and friends.

Loved the sugr mice in your previous post. How cute.

Have a happy day


paperhill said...

Hi Maggie!! Thanks for making mention of the giveaways! I hope you are well. Yes, it was the coop in Clarence. I guess it's moving out to the place way out, can't think of the name of it.....sorry! Enjoy your weekend!!