Saturday, 23 October 2010

It's A Boy!

Tasty treats all in a baby boy's honour


Lots of lovely pressies!

Elizabeth and a baby play mat with Maureen looking on
Hello patient and faithful readers!
I can't believe it has been months since I have written and the only excuse I have to offer is that life has bends and twist and I have been on a twisting path finding it difficult sometimes to find home.
Where do I begin?
Summer - where did it go? So many things to discuss and so little space.
Planning a visit to the US and preparing for it took a lot of time. Applying for jobs and interviewing took more time. Then the day was here to head to America for a very special event!

My eldest daughter, Elizabeth, is expecting her first baby, our first grandchild! (Although, Jim and I have grandchildren already on his side of the family, this will be our first American grandchild)
Elizabeth is expecting a baby boy in late December or early January. Michael already has more clothing than I have not to mention a fully decorated room and toys and so much more, too.
They are quickly running out of space in their Brooklyn flat. It is all very exciting!

Elizabeth sent me a plane ticket so that I could join her, friends and family in Wilson, New York (just outside of Buffalo on Lake Ontario) at the home of a dear friend, Maureen, for a baby shower in her honour.
You know you are in Buffalo when you see things like this
Needmoore Farm was the setting and it was spectacular!
Maureen was the perfect hostess, planning and preparing everything, and also providing shelter for me during my stay with her.
She is so talented! She hand-made many bits and pieces of infant couture and also made a gorgeous baby quilt for Michael to coordinate with his little bedroom. Where would we be without her? Thank you, Maureen!
A beautiful basket filled with gifts of love from Maureen
Members of family and friends were all there with gorgeous gifts that included the necessities as well as some fabulous vintage-styled toys and some modern day ones, too.
Thank you to all who joined us on a gorgeous September day in an outstanding location. It was truly perfect seeing all of you again and having you share such a special day with us. Thank you for sharing and your generous gifts, too.

Following the shower we traveled back home to Brooklyn, driving a totally crammed car, filled with baby gifts! Elizabeth has it all worked out - she has driven the route so many times. It takes about 5 - 6 hours to travel by car from Lake Erie to Brooklyn across New York state. Probably about an hour of the journey is just getting through the New York City area.
But Elizabeth has driven the route so many times, she is expert! She knew just where the last stop on the Thruway is where you can load up on Tim Horton's coffee! She also knows how to fill all the cup holders so with many, many cups so that once home, you can still enjoy the coffee for a few days! Excellent!

While in the US we went to some sales in the NYC area to look for vintage things to bring back to the UK. I found some lovely items to treasure and sell. Watch this space for more about them!
And I also got to meet my new 'granddaughter' in the form of a Jack Russell mix.
Ya gotta love this dog!
Avery in the Prairie Dog pose
Upon my return to the UK, I had a happy discovery! I have been hired for a job that begins on November 1st. I am so happy to return to work after such a long sabbatical! Wish me luck!

The wait for news won't be this long again, I promise!
I will be visiting your blogs again, soon! I've missed reading all your entries.