Monday, 23 March 2009

Sugar Mice!

We visited lovely Witney, in Oxfordshire, on Saturday.
We were headed to Witney Warehouse to collect a vintage parasol, (or umbrella) that we had seen there the week before. You can just about see the darling little thing in this photograph of the shop's front window:
I will take more pictures of it later, to share with you, once I am finished with spring cleaning and decorating!
After collecting our little item, we took a stroll along the high street and visited some shops.
One was a bakery called Huffins. I was immediately drawn to a tray containing the sweetest little mice!

All set out in pink and white, with wee tails made of string, these tiny creatures captivated me right away!
I asked my husband if they were traditional, (they looked it!) and if he had had them as a child, and his answer was affirmative to both questions.

Of course, we had to have two of them for our grandchildren, Libby and Ethan. They were packed away in a white bakery bag and off we went, heading home, with our two Whitney purchases.
I only wish I had taken some photographs of Libby and Ethan demolishing them on Sunday!
It was a sight to see as Ethan held the tail in his right hand while keeping a firm grip on the doomed mouse with his left!
It was nice to see the children partaking in a bit of English tradition.

I don't know if Sugar Mice are just available at Easter time, or if they are for any time of year, but this was the first time I have seen them.
You might want to try your hand at making some for your children. Here are links for recipes for making them.
Sugar Mice from Foody. Sugar Mice from The Sugar Boy.

Although I didn't get a sugar mouse for our all-grown-up daughter, Katie, that didn't stop the little kid in her from putting in an appearance . . .

Have a great week my friends!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Maggie I just love your writing style and sense of fun!
Katie is such a beauty.
I know you are having fun discovering new things in a different country ...I would!!!

Anonymous said...

will you ever be done spring cleaning/decorating? haha! Love it and wish you'd gotten me a sugar mouse! xoxo

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

I love sugar mice! I only ever see these in the old fashioned sweet shops you get in touristy places now, they conjure up childhood memories for me...
The warehouse place in Witney looks interesting, may have to pay them a visit sometime!

Elyse said...

hello and thanks so much for your great comment on my blog.

love the little mice!!!