Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January Blues

Well now this is embarrassing - where has the time gone since my last post?
I haven't abandoned you, dear readers and friends, just lots of other things in life have gotten in the way.
But here we find ourselves in January, a new year, a new beginning. Things should be looking up, right?
But what's so great about January?

We begin in January announcing why we didn't like ourselves or our lives or our decisions during the last year, pledging to make changes in the New Year. The reality is that those pledges known as, 'New Year's Resolutions,' only remind us of how we failed to live up to our own expectations of ourselves last year. They will soon offer us reinforcement of just how bad we are at keeping the resolutions, and will make us feel down on ourselves once again. It's just one of the reasons I hate January.

Another reason to dislike this month is that my birthday is in it. Yup, that's right. I am a birthday hater. Yes, I know that having another birthday is better than the alternative, but, birthdays are reminders (especially at my ever-older ages) of our own mortality and that, in my case, there are more years of living behind us than there are in front of us. The clock is ticking so better hurry up with any plans!

Then there's the boredom of the winter season in which January resides - the holidays are behind us and there is nothing exciting happening until spring. Of course, this makes us think of the lousy, gray, depressing weather and how we must endure it until spring arrives to grant us with a sunny, fair-weather day.

To make life in January more bearable, I've decided to abandon New year's resolutions - all but one - in which I have a blanket given myself a blanket purpose; to be a better person this year than I was in the last.
My children have given me a magazine subscription to Mollie Makes so that I might get inspired and rediscover some creativity that seems to have gotten lost this past year. I've begun some new projects, plan on revamping my shops and this blog and generally speaking, keep myself busy in the creative world and look forward to the end of January and the beginning of the months ahead that are going to be filled with excitement this year.

We are expecting a second grandchild with our daughter, Elizabeth, in New York, and two of our children are planning weddings. So pretty soon boring, dull January will be behind me and exciting, busy, creative days are ahead. That is something to look forward to as we head into February. 

I'm so happy to be writing again!