Sunday, 12 July 2009

Busy as a Summer Bee!

Hello everyone!
Where has the time gone?
I have been remiss in not writing more but it seems the more I am doing the more I still have to do.
What is that old saying, "Ask a busy person to do something because she is the one who will get it done?" Or something like that. I am reminded, too, about goldfish growing in proportion to the size of theri bowl! The more complete in my tasks, the more there seems to be to still finish.

Sooooo here is the brief:
Katie left to spend the summer in America. It is a well deserved visit with family and friends, as well as to try to get some time in on a placement for an internship she needs to complete for university.
She took with her my hastily finsihed wedding invitations so that her sister woulf have them to mail out before July.
They turned out nicely and Elizabeth was pleased, so that is a job well done!

No sooner were th invitaiotn completed, then I was asked to work on revising and editing a manual for a new company my brother-in-law will be opening. Most of it is finished, but I still have more to do, and have been working on that feverishly so that they will have it in time for an upcoming audit.
I have been adding vintage items to my Etsy shop, EnglishPreserves, and when I can, I have been trying to add things to my handmade shop, SweetScarlett.
Recently, I had a request for a custom order, personalised, Wee Lucky Penny Book, from Julie, for her friends who just had a new baby girl.
I had a lot of fun making the book for her and the results are fab!
Here are some of the images . . .

The cover of the book

The end paper with the Queen Victoria Penny and the title page

The inside pages personalised with baby's name and unique message

The last page and end paper

There have been a few orders for custom printed business or calling cards, too, so that has been keeping me busy, too, and my printer gobbling up ink!
And finally, I have added a new design to my bookplates - it is from an illustration from a French nursery rhyme book from the 1920s - so sweet!

Let's face it, although the handmade shop is more rewarding, the vintage shop is where the sales are these days. So more of my time gets spent listing things in EnglishPreserves.
Which brings us nicely into an adventure my husband and I have had.
We attended our first local auction several weeks ago.
What fun!
We bought two boxes of vintage and antique linens and have been selling them on etsy and on ebay.
It is a lot of work - so much laundering and ironing - but allows me to keep a few for myself and sell the rest to get my money back, and it is so much fun to go to the auction, too!
I have no photos of any of them yet, but here are a few things to be found in EnglishPreserves, soon!

A darling little wooden box with carved lid

A fabulous little miniature teapot

My sister is slowly improving slowly - baby steps for her - and although her situation is quite serious, we are all thankful she is still here with us. And we thank all of YOU for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for her. Bless you.

Until next time . . .

PS - what books are you all reading? I am afraid to admit that Oliver Twist is still about 20 pages from the end!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Thank you, Friends

Thank you to all who took a moment to send kind words to me. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers and kind words.

My sister, Betty, suffers from Epliepsy, and has for all of her adult life.
Additionally, a few years ago, she underwent heart bypass surgery and the surgery went well, but not without complications.

She was at risk because the mediceine she takes for Epilepsy does something directly opposite of what the meds she needed to prevent her from having a stroke during the heart surgery.
She had a stroke then and has several since then.
It seems that every time she gets a bit better and therapy seems to be working, she has another set-back. It hasn't been easy for her or her family. But she is a fighter.

The stroke she suffered this time caused her to be flown by Mercy flight from her town to the hospital in Buffalo about 60 miles from her home. It appeared she was, at best, paralyzed completely.
Her husband was given the option of brain surgery that might reduce or even repair, damage caused by the stroke, or to just let her be and hope for the best.
Leaving her as she was, wasn't an option although the brain surgery was life threatening on its own.

Her husband opted for the surgery, that would hopefully give her a fighting chance at some kind of recovery. I understand that it is early days yet, but there seems to be some hope that she may recover to some degree, although it is not know waht that might be.
She is opening her eyes and recognizing people and nodding, etc, but as yet cannot speak.
In the coming weeks I will let you know how she progresses.

As for me, I have been busier than ever! And here in England we are having a heat wave! The heat makes me very unproductive as I prefer to sit it out - LOL!

I have completed designing and printing wedding invitations for my daughter, and Katie took them to her personally when she left for Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago.
I will post a picture of them soon!

Wishing you all a great weekend!