Thursday, 19 March 2009

Lucky Me!

Lovely Ali, from 'Message in a Teacup . . . Tales from Betty and Violet' ( has given me this creative award
and I am now giving it a go as to how to carry out my duties and honour others with it, as well.
So first things first; here are my seven favourite things:
  • I love it when my husband says, "Mind how you go" to help keep family and friends safe on their journeys.
  • I love memories of my childhood and memories of my children's childhood.
  • I love the scent of spring flowers - lilacs and bluebells and daffodils.
  • I love the tiny, yet strong, little forget-me-not blossoms, and beautiful wild violets, springing up wherever they choose, year after year.
  • I love the beach at Lake Erie on the Ontario shore: the bon fires and starry skies at night, the water spray, the wild weather with wind that takes your breath away, the sand and sun and pebble beaches, the fireflies in June.
  • I love the excitement at the beginning of a holiday knowing not what adventures are ahead.
  • I love people who care about others and give of themselves.
Of course, there is nothing as wonderful as one's own family: our children and siblings and parents. This goes without saying.
This was so easy - - - I could go on naming things I adore, but I was limited to only seven!

I would like to share my award and pass it along to these lovely women:
Susan from Hometown Girl (she gave me a similar award when I first began blogging but I didn't know how to use it! Thank you, Susan!)
NatalieJo from Piccalilli Days
Sunny Bower from Vineyard Painter
Liz from The Washerwoman
Isabelle from Suzy's Vintage Attic
Elizabeth from The Brooklyn Clothesline
Phyllis from For the Love of Vintage
Lili M. from Lili M.

Happy Blogging and Happy Creativity!


Elizabeth Graczyk said...

Congrats on your award! I aspire to be as creative as you!!

PS - In light of your piece on "string", I now have a drawer full of bakery string, compliments of A&S bakery! I have not decided what to do with it, but I know it will be used :)

Congrats again, you deserve it dear Mommy!


sweetscarlett said...

Thank you, beautiful daughter.
Keep saving that string!
Lots of folks wind it onto vintage spools - give it a try!
Maggie Mom

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Awww Maggie! Thank you :)
You are a sweet new friend ...with an incredible guest bedroom LOL!

(i got this award once and some others over time...but have stopped posting them but I still so appreciate it!)

natalie jo said...

Oh Maggie!
A hearty "Congatulations" and merry "Thank You" from me to you!
Loved your list...The smell of lilacs is my all time favorite and forget-me-nots are such darlings. Wow, that piece on "string" was very influential. The image you painted of the parcel that arrived in your mail was what glued me to your blog...I became a follower immediately after reading it. My collection grows now too, as does my love of your site!
Most Fondly,
natalie jo

LiLi M. said...

Hello, That award is such a sweet surprise! Thank you! Have a nice day, I hope you have spring weather too!

Sally said...

Congrats, Aunt Peg!! By the way, I've always thought of you as creative and artsy and inspired by the simple; I LOVE IT!!! And I love you!!!

paperhill said...

oh Maggie! you're so sweet! Thank you for including me in your award list. I'm so glad we bumped into each other that day at the antique shop! I love your list, I share your love of many of them! Hugs.~Susan

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you so much for the award Maggie. I will give it some thought over the next few days while I am away working at the Shepton 3 day Antiques fair!
Have a lovely weekend.
Lizzie x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

First time visiting your lovely blog!
And I truly enjoy it!
Debbie Moss


Sweet Scarlett, I really enjoyed reading your 7 favorite things! We share a love of camp fires, starry nights, flowers, and childhood memories. You have a wonderful way with words.

Congratulations. And Thank you!


Kris said...

Congrats on your award. Like you I love the smell of spring flowers.
Thanks for your visit today.
Have a happy day


Anonymous said...

I love it when James says mind how you go also! He's so sweet and English! xoxo