Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Slumber Party!

Not a bed but a sweet little place for the flowers on my porch in America to nestle in a child's wicker baby buggy. We used it on the porch in the summer and in the dining room in the winter filled with poinsettias.

Oh so much fun!
I have never been invited to an on-line slumber party before, and I am not even sure if my participation is going to work, or not, but here goes!

My little nest here in England is still evolving. There is still lots of work to do but we have made a huge dent in it thus far.
My room at my home in America was fitted with a genuine antique double bed, bought on ebay, and fetched from Ohio to New York state in the back of a Dodge Caravan.
I regularly used antique sheets on it - my favourite one being a set from Italy - in pure linen.
Here is a photograph of my room in Williamsville, New York:. . . and then this is one of the two matching four poster beds in the guest room.

We worked on the house here in England, all the time, my first year here, changing rooms, removing walls, installing doors, removing doors, sanding floors, rewiring and installing new fittings, and so much more!
Because my children were arriving in December for our first English Christmas, my husband and I needed to find beds fast!
So we found three single beds on ebay from two different sellers.
One antique iron bed was purchased in London from a gorgeous bedroom way up on about the fourth or fifth floor, in a home that was situated within sight of Harrods.
It had been imported from America (like me!) by its owners who were downsizing and wanting to sell it.The other beds were a set of matching single beds, purchased also in London, but from an entirely different set of circumstances. These beds were being sold by their owners who were newly emigrated from Italy. The beds had belonged to the grandmother of the wife, and had been hand-made in Italy long, long ago. This photograph is just one of the pair of them. It resides in our guest room, where I typically use it as a table for my cutting board for working on my projects! When my very talented friend comes to visit us from the US, I will put her to work painting floral wreaths in the top curvy bit of each bed.

All three beds were in need of some painting so my husband had them stripped and then repainted in powder coating.
The two Italian beds are in our guest room, and the American bed is in my daughter's room.

We wanted to buy our bed as an antique, too, but to get an antique one as a king size bed (equal to our queen size in US terminology) would have cost thousands, so we settled for a reproduction - well - for now anyway! This is our bed made up in a duvet from the Pottery Barn in the Iznik range. No curtains yet! LOL! We have them now - a lovely dotted Swiss white cotton.
My favourite pastime is designing and making over houses. And we have had so much fun doing this one. There is always something new to do and to chat about but today is all about beds!

Next time more on my obsession with vintage linens!
Oh, I could write a book . . .


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love your bedrooms!!!! They are so beautiful....m...

Casii said...

Love all the beds and the stories behind them! Good luck as you continue to feather your nest in England.

Cottage Way of Life said...

I really, really, love the picture of your guest room with the two four poster beds. The way the ceiling slopes into the windows and the light streaming in ... it just looks like it would be a divine room to sleep and dream in.

Deanna said...

Oh what beautiful beds you have! So precious!

Deanna :D

Anonymous said...

Oooh how beautiful are your bedrooms and your beds !!! I love you porch and your baby buggy and the painted floor very much ! Have a great Slumber Party :) You are invited to mine if you want :) xo

sweetscarlett said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words!
The former guest room in America did have a charming grace about it. I miss those beds. My sister has them now in her house.
But our new finds in the UK are lovely, too, and it is always fun finding new items to feather our nest, as Casli has said.
The house in America had those sloping ceilings in every room on the 2nd floor. All of our bedrooms and even the bathroom featured them. The house was center entrance colonial in style, but was considered a 'bungalow' due to the sloping ceilings.
I will stop by and visit your slumber parties later today!!!
Please stop back often!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

MAGGGGIE!!!! Oh! Beautiful your home and your taste! I'm coming over right now!
So fresh and bright....I can't wait to hear about the linens!!! Thank you for playing :)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh yes, the porch! That floor and the baby buggy!!! A++++

The American Homemaker said...

I love all of those beds! Wow... how gorgeous!

bluemuf said...

What wonderful beds. and wicker baby buggy is lovely.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Maggie,
What beautiful beds you have - so much character.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't normally sell my fabrics, but the daffodil printed one is too modern for my handmade crafts, so I would be willing to sell...
It is actually a pair of small cottage curtains. I could post them to you with additional P&P, or could bring them along to the V&H fair for you to see...
Email me via my profile if you like.

Look forward to seeing your vintage linens,

She'sSewPretty said...

I love those Italian beds. I bet they'll be gorgeous when they're painted.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Everything here is just so lovely. I love your blog too. So nice to meet you. Happy slumber party.

Felicia said...

Oh, I adore all your pretty beds. Sorry I'm late for the party ;)

Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

What gorgeous rooms! I love all the quilts on your beds ~ so pretty. Great to find another blogger passionate about vintage linens ~ me too!

Enjoy your home decorating in England!

natalie jo said...

Oh Maggie...I so love the antique bed imported from America (just like you!) It's a good thing it's not mine or I do believe I'd never get out of it in the morning! Everything in your house is so lovely...I think you should forget the slumber party and open a bed and breakfast!
natalie jo

sweetscarlett said...

Sweet Natalie Jo, I would so much LOVE to open a B&B. My husband says it would be too much work for us now that we are heading into our retirement years! But I believe we could do it!
The photos you are looking at are so sparse - they were taken before our rooms were fully furnished and curtained. They look better now, and my home in the US was all done and filled with lovely things! Every now and then I think of something I think I still have but no longer own and I miss it. Especially when I look at all of the other gorgeous things from the other slumber party folks!
I will post more house photos soon - - - I am preparing for Easter!!!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I love that pram with flowers, such a good idea!
Isabelle x

Geralyn Gray said...

I love visiting the UK without the flight---your quilts and beds are lovely. I love your little chickies in your banner.

Kris said...

Your bedrooms are gorgeous. I love the vintage bedding. Everything looks soft and cozy.

I also have to comment on your doll clothes. Makes me wish I was a doll collector or really small so I could wear some of those outfits. LOL

Have a happy day


Anonymous said...

I'm so envious Maggie, all the bedrooms are an absolute delight.

Anonymous said...

Your rooms did come out lovely! I like the near Harrods house one esp. and love sleeping in it! xoxo