Monday, 1 June 2009

Jim, This One's For You

Jim and Maggie June 1, 2005

Jim came upstairs this morning carefully carrying cups of tea and plates of toasted bagels.
He had already been out, driving Katie to university at 8 am, fighting morning rush hour traffic, something he really hates. All the while I was luxuriating in bed, being allowed to sleep in late while he did was up and out of the house.
We sat in bed eating our breakfast and chatting about our history.

Jim and I were married four years ago today, after a whirlwind courtship, having 'met' on the Internet. Some of you know the story, but that is for a different post. This one is about Jim.

Jim and Maggie, December 2004

I like to think about the things we have done, places we have visited, new experiences we have shared. It has all been an amazing experience for both of us.
Scotland, Ireland, Canada, United States; planes, cars, and ferries; road trips on winding country lanes; one lane roads in Ireland and Scotland; beach views and cottage stays, it has all been a new world and like living in a fairy tale for me. And I know this is all the beginning. We have many more experiences to share together.

Jim is a fabulous man.
An exemplary father to his two sons and their families, as well as to my children, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Katie.

Jim and Katie on her birthday last November

He is loving, caring, sincere, funny, and kind.
And he does the most loving things.

I was babysitting our little granddaughter, Hannah, recently, and the time was getting late.
Hannah was asleep, and I was working on some little books while she slept.
I had forgotten about the time, well past lunch time, but Jim hadn't.
Suddenly, I saw his car pull into the drive, and my sweet husband emerged with a familiar bag in his hand. He had arrived with luch from McDonalds for me.
He realized I hadn't brought a lunch with me and so he went out to buy me a surprise I hadn't had in ages!

Seeing his beautiful smile, and realizing he was so thoughtful and caring made me realize just how much I love him. Marriage isn't about the big things, it is the small, every day, thoughtful, caring things that matter most.
And every day we are together, I realize more and more, just how much this man means to me, and how much more I love him.

We have agreed to not exchange gifts this year. No cards, flowers, or dinner out, either.
We both agreed instead, to exchanging little notes.
Mine was waiting for me early this morning.
But I explained to Jim, that since we were married at 7pm EST, he would have to wait until midnight our time, before I would give him his note.
So this post will be waiting for him when he comes online in a bit. A wee surprise to let him know how much he means to me. And just how pleased I am being married to such a wonderful man. And how I want to share that with the world.

This one's for you my sweetheart.
I love you.



Lalabi-baby said...

You lucky lady Maggie .... that's beautiful .... my OH hasn't got a romantic bone in his body and probably wouldn't notice if I'd not eaten for a week LOL x Happy anniversary to you both ... we have our 30th in November .... that's scary!

Goody Cake Shop said...

I hope you received your card from us in time for your special day...
You are indeed a lucky couple to have found each other and all the way on opposite sides of the pond! so there you are and families blended and happier than almost anyone I know and lucky in love, and lucky to have one another.. this day is indeed for both of you! xoxoxoxo Deb

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

Wishing you a very happy wedding anniversary, Maggie, and many more!

Lots of love, health, happiness and peace,

LiLi M. said...

I love this post! You are so right; a happy wedding isn't about big things, my hubby never buys me an enormous bouquet, but I can always count on him. He will be here as soon as I really need him.
Wishing you lots and lots of love and happy years together!

Eli said...

Such a heart warming post Maggie, what a lovely couple you make.

natalie jo said...

What a glorious couple you two make! Congratulations on your happiness together...

natlie jo

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was sappy!!!! He is a lovely and extremely caring man; one whom our whole family is lucky to have around. Thanks for finding such a great man to become a part of our family. We <2 UK J! xox