Friday, 12 June 2009


Oh my! Where has the time gone?
First, my apologizes for not visiting your blogs of late, and for not keeping up with my own!
I promise to be by for a visit soon!

I have been remiss while time gets the better of me.
My days begin with promise of a long list of things to get done during the day and night, but somehow, at the end of the day, it seems I find myself playing catch-up with my own agenda!
I never seem to have the time to finish all of the many projects I have going on, and just wish I had a lovely workroom with loads of storage and works areas. It would be so nice to have everything organized just so!
But, I usually work out of the guest bedroom and EVERYTHING is in there:
twin beds, closets, computer, 2 printers, 2 sewing machines, tons of fabric and sewing supplies, paper, board, pens, trims, tissue and wrapping, envelopes, patterns, books, graphics, oh my!
And it seems lately it is all just taking on a life of its own and dragging me along for the ride!
I have now emerged from the room to take over the dining room table with my trimmers, and cutting boards and slicers!
So with that said, I know it is time for a clear out and also time for some cleaning up and organization.
Which brings us to the Yart Sale on Etsy this weekend.
Etsy is sponsoring a sale this weekend and everyone is invited to participate.
One of the conditions of the sale is that the seller includes free shipping.
So do stop by for a peek and get some bargains!
It is NEVER too early for holiday shopping and Father's Day is soon upon us, too.

I have already listed and relisted some items in SweetScarlett for the sale but I am getting tired.
So it's bedtime for me but I will be back on-line tomorrow, listing more things for the sale.
Ooooh - I have some fab vintage buttons and fabric to list in EnglishPreserves, and some other unique finds, too. So please stop by and have a browse, won't you?



LiLi M. said...

Hello Maggie, great to find your here again. Yes what is that about May and June that it seems that some one has speeded up that time machine. So that one's to do list only gets longer and one asks: What did I do all day? Could someone please bring me those lost hours back, I need them desperately and I can tell you that it doesn't help whether you have a crafting studio or not. On the other hand: we are happy and healthy and it is almost weekend! Time to speed up that time machine even a little bit more! Have a great TIME!


Up until today I couldn't get to your blog -? I kept getting the message that it had been removed. I had one more try today and here you are! Glad you are keeping busy, all best wishes, Andrina x

現在建築式™ said...

My Blog
Thanks for your share
Nice to meet you

Hsinchu, Taiwan

paperhill said...

hello! i know what you mean, never enough time in the day!! i'll stop at the shop & check out your goodies!

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

I'm off to take a look at your vintage buttons and Fabric Maggie. Yes, time seems to be flying by, doesn't it? Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Sunny

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Maggie

You have been a busy bee and it is no wonder you are feeling tired. I have recently gone through a similar patch and have found it hard juggling my own work & blogging!
I hope that you will soon find some relaxing quality time.
Good luck with the sale.
Take care
Isabelle x