Thursday, 4 June 2009

Cupcakes!!! A Tasty Book for Wednesday

Up too late so this will be short! (I know, I know, that's not like me!!!)
Wednesday book night has fallen by the wayside, it seems.
So tonight's book is:
Martha Stewart's Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone's Favorite Treat (Paperback)
You can get it at Amazon.
My sister has been writing to me, insisting I buy it! LOL!
Now you either love Martha or hate her and I love her, but no matter which category you fall into, you have to agree she has some of the best recipes out there.
So to all of my English and European friends, dig out gramma's old Imperial measures and get yourself a new book! I will be ordering mine very soon!
If you try a recipe share it with the rest of us, okay?



Goody Cake Shop said...

Here it is Friday Maggie... The Cupcake book came out a few days ago and, left home eraly to go to Barnes and Noble where I have a customer card, to see and buy the Cupcake Book. I looked for a coupon as well but there were none and so, paid almost full price for it and have to say, was worth every penny. I found a new coupon in my inbox this morning for people with member cards ( you get 10% off with this card) but it was for another 15% off the book so, those with a card, go and get it with this good 25% OFF! You will be very please with what you find. The photographs are great, the recipes interesting and some standard but look delicious, different frostings and so many great ideas for decorations... one thing is, some of the interesting decorations are using a decorating tip but there are directions for these and, you will need the tips for them and that may be an extra expense for you. In any case, there will cupcakes for everyones talent and while I have not had a chance to make any as yet, ( work interferes with the life I would like to have!) I will this weekend and post some photos on GoodyCakeShop soon! Thanks Margaret for posting this book! xoxoxoxox

natalie jo said...

Oh Miss Maggie! You must hop on over to my friend Bekah's blog and see what she's cooking up!

Off now to raid the pantry of baking goodies as I'm contemplating trying to pass off a batch of cupcakes as dinner!

All My BEst,
natalie jo

Wendy said...

Just when you think something is simple and so very do-able, Martha comes along to remind you, there is always another level to aim for!
I'm off to Amazon now to order my copy.
Thank you for a lovely blog. :)