Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Times They are A-Changin'

Wow! We have been glued to CNN since about 4:00pm this afternoon, watching as events unfold with the Inauguration of the new President of the United States of America.

It was a bit much for we, who are still a little homesick every now and then, to digest as we saw flags and ceremonies, and speeches and oh-so-much America!
It made one want to be there and relish in the excitement of it all!

Now anyone who knows me knows I am so very non-political and tend to shy away from any conversations in which one might become embroiled in some sort of political debate.
But this today was different.

It didn't matter if you were Republican or Democrat, young or old, black or white or somewhere in-between.
It only mattered that you loved your country and wanted the best for it.

It was so wonderful to see people united and peaceful and everyone looking forward to a new era in America, no matter what the age, race or political affiliation; the news was good: here we have a young, energetic, diplomatic, President, and he wants what we all want: peace, prosperity, and sharing of pride in America.

Dylan has the last words: The times, they are a-changin'.
And now a bit of trivia for you that came up as part of a discussion we were having about the US Capitol. After literally years in school studying US History, it is amazing that we knew Washington, D.C. was not the original capital of the US, however, none of us could recall which city was the first.
My vote was for New York City because I seemed to recall that everyone thought it was Philadelphia, but they were incorrect.
Katie's guess was Philadelphia because she remembered studying about the Continental Congress meeting there, and of course, who could forget the Liberty Bell?
So what do you think?
Have a guess and then go here to find the answers.


ddyte1 said...

You are right. We in America watched with hope and peace for the new President and the new America... it's an awesome day as we watched our new president and family come into our homes with grace and respect for America and it's citizens. Can't get enough but, it's late and it's bedtime... wish you were here...xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie. I was thinking of you yesterday afternoon whilst I was watching the Inauguration on TV. You must feel a long way from home some days but Oh, in reality, what a small world we live in, it seems anywhere is just a short distance away in our elecronic age. What a great day for you and your fellow countryfolk. Poor Mr Obama, I think in desperation he is being viewed as a saviour of the human race. On a lighter note...how on earth did he manage to go to 10 balls last night after such a 'huge' day? He must must be one of these amazing people who needs hardly any sleep (Margret Thatcher thrived on 2 hrs a night!!!)

sweetscarlett said...

Thanks for your kind words, ddyte1 and flutterbypatch.
I do miss home and yesterday, it was such an important day and such a feeling of patriotism. I guess it makes it more so when you miss home and are so far from it.
You are correct though, FBP, technology does keep us close.
I didn't know they went to 10 balls, nor that Maggie T operated on 2 hours sleep each night! She was a strong, powerful woman, and one England can be proud of, and the rest of the world to take note: women can be fantastic leaders, and Obama may be the first black man in the White House, but one day, when the right woman is ready for the job, we will have a woman in the White House, too.