Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Shopping Around

Shopping around on Etsy I found this awesome label seller, LABELSTONE, who makes coasters from tiles adorned with vintage labels.
Additionally, they also sell the actual vintage/antique labels.
The labels once graced the crates containing vegetables and fruits, and sometimes, other things as well.
Ummmm . . . what can I make with them???
I absolutely LOVE them!
I am originally from Buffalo, New York, so I am going to buy this one:

What I do with it - well - I am not sure, but I am buying it anyway!
Take a look and see what you can find in their little shop :>
I like these items:



paperhill said...

love the buffalo label!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, you must grab that Buffalo label Maggie. What a great idea. I hope you will frame it and hang it somewhere prominent. (Couldn't get the label link to work, might just be my computer misbehaving).

sweetscarlett said...

Thank you for calling the bad link to my attention, flutterbypatch.
I have repaired it now, but it goes to a sold page, because I purchased it!