Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Let's Catch Up!

The New Year has arrived and, already, I am behind in just about everything!
It is officially the 13th, although at this writing it is just a bit past midnight.
Due to the holidays followed in quick succession by a myriad of birthdays and then illnesses followed by and during a surprise visit from my daughter, nothing I had planned to have done by now is finished and I have such a backlog of projects and work, I don't even know where to begin!

Laundry is piling up; ironing can no longer fit on the back of the door; sewing projects are mere memories; and cleaning up my blog and writing more must have been something I dreamed when I was so ill with fever!

So where do I begin?
I wanted to post some holiday photos and show some of my decorations and baking but that was before the bad virus set in and took hold of my body. Seriously, it was as if aliens had arrived and taken control. It is the 13th and I still am fighting it, but at least I can sit at the computer for longer periods of time without getting dizzy or feeling a desperate need for sleep.

My best intentions for today went awry . . . and again, it was a day spent taking it easy and also a bit of caring for my husband who has now contracted the same evil virus I have been fighting.

But the glimmers of good are always with me, too, no matter what my physical condition:
Good friends have honoured and helped me with things related to Etsy; I have made some new Etsty friends; and . . .

My birthday arrived with a huge surprise: my daughter and her boyfriend arrived for a surprise visit from New York City! everyone had kept it on the QT and so I was truly surprised when she appeared in my hallway!
I don't think I have ever been so shocked and surprised nor have I ever been given such a special gift.

My dear husband took all of us to dinner in a gorgeous historical restaurant, and we were wined and dined in good company with lots of love between us.

It was a fabulous day with only a bit of sadness in the knowledge that the pair of young ones would be heading back to New York on Monday. A visit all too short but even more meaningful because of it.

Tonight, they are safely back in New York City, the events of the last few days still fresh in their memories as they are with me, too.

So amid the bugs that bite us, are the gardens of memories, and the wisdom to know what is meaningful and what is not.

Keep what means the most close, and let the rest flutter in the wind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie, thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind comments.
I found lots of lovely thoughts on your blog to take through the day with me..thankyou. Sorry to hear you and your husband have been bitten by the hoirrible bug that seems to be travelling round blogland like a whirlwind. I hope you are both soon fully recovered. What a wonderful surprise to have your daughter ring your doorbell unexpectedly and how comforting to have another sweet daughter at university in England. Living away from New York after so many years there must be difficult but what a blessing that you have such a kind and thoughtful husband. I will continue to call at Sweet Scarlett to see what you have been up to. Happily Spring is just around the corner, we could certainly do with some sunshine and outings to interesting places. I envy you living near the Cotswolds as its so beautiful and one of my favourite spots. Don't forget to post some pictures of the places you visit. All the best and get well soon, Eli (flutterby patch)

natalie jo said...

Dear Maggie,
Thanks so much for your encouraging words on teenagers. I will refer back to them as needed during the years ahead! It is my hope that as adults they too will come round to visit their "crazy" mom for her birthday. What a doll your daughter is! Sounds as if a lovely time was had by all.

My library is conducting a inter-library loan for Pumpkin Blanket and Old Teddy Bear. I can't wait to read them both as they sound charming. If your looking for more information about Mary Jane's Farm she does have a website that's fun to poke around on. Take a moment to rest your feet after all that ironing, maybe make yourself a cup of tea and visit www.maryjanesfarm.org

All the best wishes for renewed health in your home, natalie jo

Almost forgot! I added you in again with the new address and it is working fine.