Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday Book Club

What if we all try to share a book we love on Wednesday?
Or maybe just when we have one to share - no expectations for participation every Wednesday?

I will begin with this one:
Bird, Egg, Feather, Nest by MaryJo Koch.
I have had this book for about ten years or so. I used it with my students in my classroom at one time. Since then it has been a fixture in my home. I bring it out every spring, and browse through it.
The book is one of a series of books the author has written, in similar formats.
Some of the titles are:
  • Dragonfly, Beetle, Butterfly, Bee
  • Seed, Leaf, Flower, Fruit
  • Pond, Lake, River, Sea
When I moved to England, I shipped some f my favourite books, surface mail, to save on costs.
This was one f them.
It took about three months to arrive, along with my cookbooks and some novels, and a few 'coffee table' books, all culled from my huge collection, now scattered to lucky recipients.
The book is filled with detailed water colours of birds, eggs, nests, habitats, et all.

The text has all been hand written.
It is fabulous!
There are some for sale on ebay, Amazon, and
I know you will find this book both beautiful and informative.



Goody Cake Shop said...

I love this book and want to buy one too! I will look online and try to fond one.. it's funny, I read about a book like this one somewhere.. recently too and thought you would like it as I would but now, who knows where I read about it! Days are like that for me! Thanks for posting that and I'm sure it will turn out to be a favourite for me too! xoxox

Debbie said...

I must keep an eye out for this one Maggie .... my husband is a bird keeper ... he breeds budgerigars, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds and loves wild birds too. We must have nearly every bird book in print including some very old ones, he also collects bird related postcards. The children I look after would enjoy this one too .. we try to encourage them to take an interest in looking and caring for all creatures great and small.
Great idea about Wednesday book sharing ... I will look one out for next week x

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

This looks like a beautiful book ~ a great idea to share our favourite books, I love hearing reviews, comments and recommendations...

natalie jo said...

Dearest Maggie,

I always love to see what people are reading and to have a special day of the week for it is a fantastic idea! It has the same feeling that show and tell did at school...I will be browsing my shelves for my first selection. It must have been difficult for you to pare down your book collection when you moved to England...I can only imagine the choices that had to be made!

Happy to see you had such a lovely Easter and that your card arrived so quickly! I was so excited to send it off to you. Being the first time I've ever posted anything to England I almost felt as if I were taking the journey myself! Wish it were so...

Most Fondly, natalie jo

Elizabeth Graczyk said...

YES, I love the idea.

Can I nominate a book - what about the Stinky Cheese Man. Or, one of my personal faves - The Giving Tree.

Aside from childrens books - how about The Geogaphy of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler :)
Love the blog!



flutterbypatch said...

Just my sort of book Maggie. I love painted and hand written illustrations so I'll be straight onto Amazon to have a look. Thanks for the recommendation.