Monday, 20 April 2009

I Have a Secret . . .

This is a sweet little bird's nest found at my old home in Williamsville, New York
Thanks to all of you faithful followers who have been checking in these past few days only to find no new posts!
My apologizes are humbly given.

I have been working on something new - feverishly trying to have it ready for my Sweet Scarlett shop in time for Mother's Day in the United States. And graduation day, too!
Universities in the US typically have graduation ceremonies in the month of May, while High Schools celebrate their graduations in June.

My little secret has been in the works for a few months now, and although some of you are aware of it, no one knows for sure exactly what it is.
Well, except my sister in Florida! And two special ladies in California!

Please check back again soon . . . a a surprise will be waiting!
In the meantime, I will try to get to your blogs to catch-up with all that has been happening in your lives, soon!
I call this the 'Daffodil Pub'. We came across it in our travels, on our way to Ledbury, two years ago. I have wanted to return ever since, but so far no luck!
Isn't it spectacular?


Elizabeth Graczyk said...

Ohh ohhh, I know your secret! So, it's not a secret to me. But I am sworn to secrecy. I can't wait until you publish what it is!!

I love your birds nest, it's so sweet! I want one too :)

Maybe I'll update my blog this week :) check the clothesline on Sat :)


LiLi M. said...

I would love to go to that pub too. Your nest is so sweet! We used to have nests in our hedge when I was a little girl every year, but we never saved them. Mmm I could have had a collection now! Strange that your taste changes and is influenced by what you see. We all love that tattered look now, maybe we are all painting our furniture very slick and smooth again in 15 years. I just cannot imagine, but these things happen, as you cherish your nest now, that was easily and almost always thrown away 10 years ago in my neck of the woods. I'll come back to see what your surprise is, you sure know how to create a cliffhanger!
Have a nice and sunny day!

Bliss said...

Spectacular to say the least!!! What a wonderful idea to copy LOL.