Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Garden Surprise

A rogue forget-me-not growing in our clay-filled wheelbarrow

Our dear friends, Dave and Ann were visiting over the weekend.
Dave was coming to help Jim work on the Morris Minor car we are readying for use this spring and summer.
This meant a bit of a rush in getting some garden furniture out and ready for the season, as we had been procrastinating in doing so, on the sunny days we have been enjoying.
Jim ventured into the shed and returned with the chairs, one by one.
They all looked rather normal, but one of them held a surprise!

Thinking it had gained a few leaves and twigs via the autumn winds, Jim peered into the crevice
of one of the chairs preparing to remove the debris before washing it.

Imagine his amazement, when looking down into the fold f the chair, he found a perfectly formed nest!
Indeed, the nest was empty, and looked clean, like once built, it had gone unused, but we absolutely loved the idea of the chair being used as a nesting place for birds when humans didn't need it over winter!
Our only regret was that it didn't seem to have a family yet, and it looked like, at least for this year, it was not going to have one.

Ann said some birds build a back-up nest, and perhaps that is what it was being used for.
If any of you can recognize what bird builds a nest like this one, please let us know.

And now I'll leave you with a few photographs of our back garden flowers to share with all of my gentle readers who live in climates still waiting for spring, and for those of you in the southern states where spring never visits.


A gift from Ann - uh-oh - I have already forgotten its name!
You see them growing everywhere drooping over walls.
Absolutely gorgeous! I am so pleased she has gotten this for me!


Bliss said...

A "rogue" forget-me-not LOL! Thats funny!
What a precious discovery that back-up nest home was! They say that we are supposed to learn from nature...do you guess we all need a second home???

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Maggie
What a wonderful find that nest is! Fancy the birds picking that as their nesting place! It's so lovely to see the spring flowers appearing.
Hope you are well
Take care
Isabelel x

Anonymous said...

How wonderful...spring seems to be well and truly sprung with you Maggie. The flowers are such a joy to behold after such a dreary winter. Birds really do build nests in the strangest places don't they. I always think the most amazing ones are the birds who build nests on tractors and happily go for rides around farms with apparently no ill effects. Have a lovely Easter, Eli

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am fascinated to find your blog as too am from NY and living in England now for almost 18 years. From some of your posts, #i am wondering if you are from WNY? The nest is such a wonderful find, just a little Easter surprise!