Friday, 6 February 2009


Our garden and our neighbour's garden are filled with snow!
While the weather wreaked havoc with our daily routine throughout the week, it was actually nice to stay bundled up inside, while the snow swirled around outside.
Providing sound reasons why one should sit in front of the fire and create some new little lovelies by hand.

Thinking about what to make with an Easter theme, (you know it will be here before we know it - despite the swirling snow we see outside) I decided to use some egg cups that I was going to add to my vintage Etsy shop for sale.
Some sweet little pincushions are the result of about two days work. I just love them!

Using vintage (mostly figural) egg cups as the inspiration, I first made a pattern for the top 'pouf'.
Next, I sorted through fabric I have on hand - some new, some vintage 'new' and some upcycled, looking to match fabric with egg cup for the best possible results.
Then I cut the poufs from the fabric, and filled the pouf with lavender and backfilled with fluff.
Sewing the poufs, and finally securing the filled pouf inside the egg cups, and voilia!
Vintage egg cup pincushions partially filled with lavender!
Every time a pin goes in, a delicate scent of lavender rises from the pouf. So lovely!

So if you have the odd egg cup in the back of your cupbard, why not give it a go?
Turn something not being used into something you can use when you are sewing.
They will be a conversation piece that is practical, too, and can be added to all of the rooms you ise when you sew - no more dragging your pins with you from room-to-room.

But now that I have them, I almost hate to part with them! They look so cute all lined up on my windowsill.
And I need to find even more egg cups to make more of them!

I also made an egg cozy to go with the vintage egg trimmer/cutter I have for sale in my shop.
Although the egg cup pin cushions and the egg trimmer are vintage, they will be featured in SweetScarlett due to the hand-made nature of the alterations that I have done.
Stop by if you have a moment and take a look.


natalie jo said...

The garden areas look to be a winter wonderland...are you sure your not in in my neck of the woods? Snow or not, however, it looks to be a cozy space. I do hope you'll post more pictures of it once spring arrives, I'd love to see what little goodies you have growing there!

What a great idea to make the egg cups into pincushions. I have seen similar little cups in my local consignment shop. I'll have to pick one up and made one for my sewing table!

All the best,
natalie jo

heidisblog said...

Hi Maggie, Just stopped by your blog to have a look and wanted to say hi. I sure does look beautiful over there. I sure wish we could get a little snow too, if we have to endure the cold we should at least have some of the fun. LOL. I guess you might be a little tired of it by now. Have a good day Maggie and hope to hear from you soon.