Friday, 27 February 2009

Emily Has a New Friend!

Our farm story continues with this update:
Upon our arrival at the farm on Tuesday, we were pleased to discover another lamb in the penned area with Emily.

Unfortunately, she was ill, and that was why she had to be removed from the herd and from her mom. She was suffering from an infection that was obtained through her umbilical cord.
A vet was due to take a look at her and to give her a shot, and we were assured that she would be okay.

But because it was her first day in the pen, she had not yet been bottled-fed, and was reluctant to have any of it! "Where is my mum?" must have been what she was thinking! She was not happy about us having to force her to drink her milk.
Katie and I were having trouble keeping her still, trying to get her to keep the bottle in her mouth, and not getting it all over us!
Jim came to the rescue and was able to hold the bottle and keep her mouth wrapped around it, too.
Kate and I helped to keep her calm and in one place, and rubbed and petted her, and talked softly in funny American accents to her.

The new lamb hasn't a name, so we were calling her, Chloe.
Chloe is a different breed than is Emily. She is all white and very, very, soft.
Emily has dark legs that look like she is wearing socks, and a sweet little brown face. Her fur is nubby and short and wiry - almost like terrier fur!

Emily is younger than Chloe, but stronger and used to drinking from her bottle.
Because she had been fed first, she thought she was going to get more when another bottle appeared for Chloe, and kept nudging me and chewing on my coat while I helped with Chloe.
Did you know that baby lambs 'bump' their mums to get the milk flowing before they nurse? Well, baby Emily was 'bumping' me! LOL!

After all of the hard work feeding Chloe, she was quite the tired little lamb and settled in the grass to take a rest after her harrowing ordeal!

We were tired, too, and dirty! As soon as we returned home we washed all of our coats! Chloe had shed all over us and also had gotten milk on everyone!
It was all worth it, though, and we hope to return this Sunday with little children in tow.
How excited will they be to feed a baby lamb???


Storybook Woods said...

Chloe is soooo sweet, I love her name by the way :-) Clarice

paperhill said...

Hi Maggie! Thanks for visiting! Those pictures are so cute!! I've been meaning to write you I saw Stephen this week! That's were I got my new goodies! He said to say "Hi"! Take care, Susan

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Maggie,
Emily and Chloe are adorable, but I suspect are going to be a lot of work for you...

Thanks for visiting my blog. In reply to your question re: vintage fashion fairs; I would suggest that you ask Lizzie of 'The Washerwoman' (her link is on my blog roll) - she regularly does fairs all over the country, so may be able to tell you of some in your area.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,