Sunday, 8 February 2009

. . . and here comes more of it!

We have barely escaped from last week's snows, and now there is more heading our way.
All news points to being snowed-in again tomorrow.
I pray they close the university, as my daughter is supposed to head back tomorrow and I do not want to drive in it if it is as bad as they expect.
I thought I would share a video of what it looks like, snowing in our garden about an hour ago, when there was still enough light to capture it.
Never did this before so I will hope for the best!

And here is one more to help keep you warm!


Vineyard Painter said...

I love the snow at dusk when the whole world takes on that amazing blue color! I was in Spokane in Dec. during their biggest snow storm in 40 yr.s and loved it, albeit driving was no picnic. I enjoyed both video clips...brought back memories of the snow!

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Enough snow...don't you think? Today was so lovely here in Connecticut that I took my lunch to the beach down the road and basked in the sunshine!

sweetscarlett said...

Oh, VineyardPainter, I would agree! I love it when the winter world takes on a new life in subtle blues and grays.
I am so happy you liked the little videos. Now that I know how to use them, I will try it with some English sights and post them when the snow has left us!

sweetscarlett said...

Well Susan, that sounds WONDERFUL!
How I miss the water! You wouldn't think so, living on a big island as we do, however, it takes about an hour and a half to get to the Irish Sea in Wales so it isn't often we can go to see it.
I grew up on Lake Erie and was never much more than 15 minutes or so from the Lake, and so I was pretty spoiled!
Your winter sunshine picnic sounds divine!