Thursday, 19 February 2009

Just Wanted to Say, 'Hi'!

So many things to get done and where, oh where, is the time going?
I thought I would just stop by to say, 'hello' for today and say I am working on some new projects, have some exciting new finds from a visit to Malvern over the weekend, and will be posting more on the blog, and listing more on Etsy soon!

I listed these darling little cups from the 1960s:
I had an order for some custom mini-business cards that came out just fab!
And soon will list this lovely hand thrown pottery piece:Another order for some custom business 'thank-you' cards is still in the works,
but should be completed tomorrow:
And there will be more vintage buttons coming and some fabulous new graphics, too.
And soon the sewing will begin again and I have some new books to share and some new fabric and some vintage fabric, too!
Soon, soon, soon!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Goody Cake Shop said...

Good Sunday Morning Sis!
Hope you are making lots of good things to put in Etsy!

sweetscarlett said...

Hello Goody Cake Shop!
Welcome to the Blogging world!
Give Precious Katie a look . . .