Saturday, 9 May 2009

Handmade in Malvern: The Emerald Grove

Malvern is a gorgeous little town in the Malvern Hills. We often visit there to go to the antique market and car boot sale held at the Three Counties Showground.

One day, when checking my conversations in my Etsy account, there appeared an invitation to become part of a new consignment shop opening in Malvern, called, The Emerald Grove.
The idea behind the shop is to feature handmade items from the UK to support local artists and promote a greener footprint.
I was so excited and honoured, to be asked to be part of this venture!

So Friday, Jim and I made the drive from Birmingham to Malvern to deliver the first of my, Wee Lucky Penny Books, to one of the partners in the shop, Anne.
We got to meet the lovely Anne, had a lovely conversation, got to mooch around the shop to have a look at all of the lovely things, and a short trek about town, too.
All-in-all, a very fine day, indeed!

Anne and her co-founder, Julie have done a fantastic job working on the interior and exterior of their lovely building, as well as all kinds of hours spent there setting it all up, and establishing an organizational system of records and contracts, website initiatives, and on-line accounts.
The interior of the shop spans several levels - (I have pictured only part of the first level below) and is warm with old wooden floors and filled with colour from all of the delightful handmade goods!
If you are in the area, please stop in for a chat and a look at all of the fabulous handmade articles in the store. You won't be disappointed!

I leave you with some images of the shop, the goods, and the proprietor.

MaggieMy wee books are packed and ready for the journey to The Emerald Grove!

Approaching the shop on Church Street

The front of the shop

Left front windowRight front window


paperhill said...

maggie, looks like my kind of place! i love the street scene it looks so charming. and your little books all packed up look lovely! i hope you sell lots of them!! hugs :)
happy mother's day!!

Anonymous said...

I am so envious of you living so close to the Cotswolds Maggie. The area seems to be featured more and more in all the glossy magazines these days and is definitely the place to be seen and to sell handmades. The Emerald Grove (wonderfully evocative name) looks just up my street. Except it isn't unfortunately or I'd be there every week. Good luck with sales and lets hope Anne returns for more penny books very soon.

natalie jo said...

My have you been a busy bee! To see all those sweet penny books packaged up so carefully should give you quite a rewarding feeling! How wonderful to be able to go into a store and see something you made displayed for sale. Mighty and well earned congratulations to you!

LiLi M. said...

These books are so sweet, I just catched up reading here. I think they deserve to be sold in such a lovely and unique shop, good luck on selling. I loved the Nanny McPhee story hehehe!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Maggie
How wonderful to be approached, congratulations! It must be so rewarding for you. The books look beautiful! The shop looks like the kind of shop I could browse in for ages.
Take care
Isabelle x

Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

I got to visit this shop the week before last whilst travelling from home in Wiltshire into Wales...I detoured just to visit. I had a really good look around and a long chat with Julie. This shop is a must vist place especially if you love handcrafted goods of all varieties and beautiful art work.
I hope you books sell well for you.

sweetscarlett said...

Thanks, Rachael!
I am pleased you found time to stop and visit the shop.
I will be bringing in more books and also some new items, too!
Look for vintage pillows and tote bags with a twist!
All handmade and with a bit of upcycling, too.

green glamour said...

Hi I hope to visit at half term and drive up from devon .looks a lush shop , thanks for the info from green-glamour