Saturday, 2 May 2009

From the mouths of babes . . .

Have you seen the movie, Nanny McPhee?
The grandchildren were visiting today, and Katie, Libby, and Ethan settled in to watch it.
If you aren't familiar with the movie, the father in the story has a job as the town mortician.

In one scene, his eldest son visits him at work.
The scene is shot low, so that you see only the tagged toe of the corpse with the dad behind them at the head of the body.
So the son is looking towards the dad with the feet in between them.

It is at this point of the film that our darling, inquisitive, five-year-old Libby asks the all-important question:

"Why are the feet on sale?"

Enough said.



Goody Cake Shop said...

well now, that is THE best line in any movie I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!! and it's a lot of movies I've seen in all my years although, not as many as GOO!!!!!!!!!!!! good one for sure... xoxoxoxconsiotl

Debbie said...

Aren't the small people a blessing ... they were sent to make us oldies laugh and keep young I am sure .. Nanny McPhee is one of our favourites ... also had awkward questions when my lot were small and we watched My Girl ... her father was a funeral director x

paperhill said...

funny, i've not seen this! they do say the cutest things! i hope you are well!! xo

Bliss said...

That movie is just so precious! We loaned our copy out and it didn't come back. Luckily we had memorized it anyway!