Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Shared Journies along the Way

I am so appreciative of living in a small market town situated in a very lovely rural area.
Sometimes, early in the morning, I can hear the sheep in the fields across from us and up the hill beyond the estate across the road.
The estate has very tall hedges in which live loads of tiny sparrows heard chirping happily every morning, too.

Not only is the setting for our life here everyday such a pleasure, but even journeying to and from the shops can be pleasant and surprising, too.
My husband's former commute to work took him 45 minutes each way and wound around and through areas of Birmingham. If there was a diversion, an accident or snow/ice, his ride wold take even longer.
Now his journey takes about 15 minutes and his route takes him through countryside and farmer's fields, small villages, and across bubbling streams. There are no traffic jams and only flooding in low-lying areas sometimes interrupts his commute.

Last week, while I was on route to get some shopping done in the nearest large city, all cars came to a stop. At first I wasn't sure what was causing the hold-up. Then, as I waited and watched, I could see farmers herding their sheep on a walk down the road. Men, Land Rovers, and Border Collies all working together to get the sheep from the fields on the left side of the road, across to the right.  I imagine they were bringing them in closer to home in time for lambing season.  It's such a lovely time of year - babies being born and spring ever-so-close.

I was happy for the slight interruption of my journey - not annoyed as I would if it were some sort of traffic-related stoppage - as it allowed me to watch a timeless routine take place in a beautiful setting. It gave me time to pause for thought, too. This isn't something that would have happened when we lived in Birmingham - it would have been just a typical city run for groceries, with the only stopping being for traffic.

Once the sheep were all safely sorted and the cars began to move along again, I continued on my commute to the shops. I didn't forget about it when I reached my destination - buying two bunches of daffodils to place on my kitchen table to remind me that the sheep were lambing and spring would be here soon.



Laura said...

How sweet all those sheep are! I'd also love waking up and hearing the tweeting of those sweet birds. The daffodils are splendid too! Spring is on the way. Thank goodness!

Nella said...

Maggie, this was so lovely to read! I would welcome a similar interruption.....glad to hear you are happy, well and content! N.xoxo

Leslie said...

This is just darling. Such a sweet photo at the end! I understand your feelings about country vs city life and the commute.. it gets old the the extra time driving to and from work is like an extended work day. It's horrible and wears on you over time.

I live in the pacific northwest where dear and duck frequently cross the street or highway. It's fun to see a line up of cars waiting for a mamma and her ducklings to cross. No one gets irritated .. only smiles:)

I'm adding myself to google and will look forward to following along.

Happy Saturday!

debo27 said...

what a sweet lamb... love your photos and descriptions as it is unlike anything we here in America get to experience. .. hold up traffic for sheep crossing! LOVE IT! Generally here in Stuart we are on hold for elderly people crossing! xoxoxox Deborah