Saturday, 22 October 2011

An Estate Sale in Priors Marston

Funnily enough, I was on eBay searching for a turkey platter to send to my daughter in New York, when I came across a link to The Old Vicarage in Priors Marston, Warwickshire. The sale was scheduled for Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23.
Suddenly, this event moved to the top of my to-do list for Saturday and all thoughts about turkey platters flew right out of my head!

I have lived in England for five years now and this is the very first time I have seen an Estate Sale advertised. So naturally the excitement was intense. You see, in the area I lived in New York State, these sales are common and are a regular form of entertainment and collecting all rolled into one fine day out.
I rang the owners, Judith and David, to inquire about some of the items I was interested in and set about planning my route.
I wanted to wake early in order to be out and on the roads, driving through the gorgeous Autumn countryside, taking the rural back roads and enjoying the drive. But only on the way home!
On the way, I wanted the fastest way to get there in order to be there as early as possible. I wanted to move to the very front of the queue in order to have the best shot at finding what I was looking for before someone else got to it first. That is how it's done in New York.
But most of the time it is near impossible to be anywhere near the early entrants due to dealers who arrive with tons of 'pickers' and take up all the first numbers, and they get the best things before you ever have a chance.

So imagine my surprise and amusement when one lone woman stood before me in the field across from the home, asking me if this was the right place! We two were the first and second people there! Oh how that intensified my excitement!

I was searching for an iron bed. And they had two - one looked like a modern reproduction and the other was a lovely antique. They also had two very nice wooden beds in full size.
But I didn't buy any of them. Instead I found some lovely vintage items to take home to our cottage.
A pretty little chest of drawers,

a dresser-top mirror,

a fire screen,

and a set of six linen with drawn threadwork and embroidery placemats.

And all fit nicely, with room to spare, in my Smart car.
And yes, the slow drive back through the countryside on a fine, sunny, autumn day was both relaxing and glorious!
If you have nothing planned for tomorrow, why not go for a country drive and stop at the sale?
Judith and David are lovely and have a house filled with unique and wonderful things!


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debo27 said...

Hi Peg... What a wonderful way to spend your day! A ride and goodies too! Hope you find that turkey platter! xoxo Deb