Thursday, 5 November 2009

Martha Stewart & Etsy Contest Finalist!!!

Oh I received the most wonderful news this week! I am so excited!
Well, saying I am excited about being a finalist in the Martha Stewart & Etsy collaboration contest would certainly be an understatement! I am beyond that - overwhelmed might be a better term to use to correctly describe my feelings right now.

I was contacted by a member of Martha Stewart Weddings on Tuesday about being one of the finalists in the contest. One of my wee Lucky Sixpence Books had been selected as one of 19 finalists and one winner out of thousands of entries. After some questioning I discovered that the announcement was going to be made on Thursday, today.
I feverishly began completing books I had very slowly been working on, in order to try to get them listed in my shop ASAP.

Of course, you know when you are busy, that is when all things come to a head: the phone rings a gazillion times, there are doctor appointments to attend to, tradesmen appear at your door, email builds up, the bank decides to ring you with am accident insurance policy to sell, birthdays, and even a very early Christmas coffee morning celebration, too!
So it was with great difficulty, with everything else going on, that I tried to keep working so that I would have some new additions for my shop by today.

You might imagine my surprise when I then discovered the announcement was made on Wednesday instead!
Oh well you know what is said about the best laid plans!

I have gotten a lot of work on the books finished and some are in the shop now and some more will go in this weekend - new styles and designs and custom covers as well as a new concept for design-your-own book.
Stop by Etsy and have a look - and thank you for letting me do the puffing peacock thing tonight!


The Cottage Cheese said...

Congratulations, this is so exciting!

The Rose Room said...

fantastic and congratulations - Rachaelxo

natalie jo said...

Oh Maggie this is ever so wonderful!!! And so very true how everything seems to happen all at once. Wish I could send an extra day or two your way but you'll have to setle for my well wishes instead!

Off now to Esty to have a look see at all the goodies.....
Most Fondly,
natalie jo

Anonymous said...

I often visit the Martha Website and I was so excited to see you there! congrats to you!!!!

paperhill said...

congrats maggie! that is awesome, so happy for you!!

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

Hi Maggie, I just heard about all the flooding and rain in the UK and I wanted to check-in and make sure that you are doing okay.


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Maggie
Congratulations!!! I am so pleased for you. You deserve it.
Take care
Isabelle x