Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's Alll About Me!

Welcome to Natasha's Party! She reminds us that it is important to take time out for ourselves, and I will write more about this theme another time as I would like to elaborate upon it, but for now, a huge "THANK YOU" to Natasha for inspiring us to do a little something for ourselves.

Well, maybe it is only partly about me! I can't get used to the idea of bragging on myself, so-to-speak.
Oh the plans were in the works after reading Natasha Burns idea to host a party featuring the things we said we would do by today.
Well, for me, that meant wait until the last minute because naturally other things came first.

Because I had said I would join the party, I was in a panic yesterday.
No, the stairs were not refinished as I had thought they would be. The day I had set aside to work on the stairs was taken by an emergency and then never got replaced. But the chair - oh that darned chair - it was staring at me throughout all of the six weeks we had been given to complete our projects and still went untouched.
So yesterday I began my work in earnest.

This is the chair that needs attention . . .
In this picture it is all clean and ready to go.

I scrubbed the chair and set it to dry in front of the fire.
I plodded through mounds of fabric to determine which I would select for the cushion.
I chose a vintage cotton chintz that would look nice with the paint colour.

Then looked at the paint I had on hand.
Then today, bright and early, I set about some light sanding and some final cleaning before I began the process of painting the chair.

Farrow and Ball Traditional Paint

The chair has been painted, and the sewing has commenced, but alas, I have failed the challenge as my chair is not yet complete.
I will continue working on it later tonight and add photographs of the progress.
Then I will visit your little websites and have a look at what all of you have managed to complete. I can't wait! It is so exciting!
More to come . . .

Addendum: Well, the best plans are well . . . stopped! LOL!
Oh the mistakes I have made on the chair's cushion!
You can see from the image above that I had cut out shaped, fitted cushion covers. My intention was to make a proper fitted cushion cover complete with piping.
But since this is a rather low sitting chair, I wanted to try to raise it up a bit. So I figured that padding the springs first would be a good idea, and then, topping that with my lovely cushion.

Umm, well, that didn't work out visually, although it did make the chair oh so comfortable to sit upon! With the added height, the cushion looked awkward and too high on the seat, so I have decided to scrap that idea and just wrap the cover instead.
I haven't done it yet, well not to any sort of professional-looking product, anyway, but I have taken a photo to show you how it will look, (even if a bit frumpy right now) when it is completed.
At least this way you can see the paint, too!
I am off now to have a look at your lovely creations and to be inspired!


LiLi M. said...

We'll keep in touch to follow your attempts to make this into a gorgeous piece of furniture!

BTW. I have one pink ribbon bracelet, I didn't forget your question, but I totally failed to email you as I was sooo busy. Talk to you laterrrr, LiLi

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Maggie! I've never seen a wicker chair with springs! This- I gotta see so I'll check back!

I was working up till the last minute, too! But *I* was a desperate woman! ♥

Lori said...

that is a gorgeous chair...i never saw one with springs like that either...i love the color you painted it!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness! Your chair is gorgeous! Love the fabric you chose too! Great job!

Deborah said...

Hi Peg! LOVE the chair. I had no idea what the style would look like but it's so unique and wonderful.. very good choice of paint colour and looks like it was made for that chair. Good luck on that cushion! I have no idea how to do anything with that! I do have a book tho that might tell me! noe, to find a chairlike that!

Rose Brier Studio said...

I have a chair very like that one, with springs and all. I know how tough a job it is to recover the seat. I love the color and the mottled look of the wicker. I look forward to watching your progress, it might help me get my chair covered. Lots of support as you get this done.

Connie said...

WOW!!!! What a makeover you did, sugar. I'd keep it also. That is astounding. Nice meeting you.

Jacaranda Artesanias said...

Great makeover!!!

Thanks for your visit and your nice comments!

Hugs :)

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Maggie,

What a find!! I so love this chair...and it'll look fantastic once you make the know half the fun is the journey of the creation. :0) It's one fabulous chair and you've done a great job..I love that color.

If you have stopped by my place, please do. :0)


Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

That minty green is one of my favorite colors! Looks perfect with that Chintz pattern.

Sue said...

I just love the color green you used on your chair!

Pearl Maple said...

Such a darling chair to be relaxing in, fun choice of colours too.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh, I love it! I am such a loving fool for wicker! But then add roses on top of it and I'm smitten! Good job Maggie! I think a loose fit will look more comfy than a fitted cushion anyway!

PS I love the chicks in your header and avitar! So sweet! ♥

Natasha Burns said...

Oh I think it looks fabulous and not at all frumpy! You've picked my favourite colour to paint the chair too, green is beautiful! You've done an awesome job, I love it! Thanks for joining in!

Cola's Cottage said...

Maggie ~ I think the chair looks lovely just the way it is! As a self proclaimed perfectionist that I am, I know all too well how bothersome it can be if it is not perfect in my eyes. As for me I love the chair! I can't wait to check in later and see what you will do with it!

Hugs ~ Nichole

Dogwood said...

Oh so nice. What a great idea for your "All About Me" project. I love the green paint color and the lovely fabric....Enjoy

Jorgelina said...

Your chair is gorgeous.

She'sSewPretty said...

I will echo what everyone else has said. I love that green color and the fabric is perfect with it. I think the height of your cushion is just right too. Maybe you could just pleat the corners of your cushion and then it would fit better. I do think it is an awesome transformation though!

MiniMadWoman said...

Maggie, your chair is coming along beautifully! I love the color and once you get the cushion figured out it will be an amazing place to curl up and ready a good book with a nice cup of tea!

Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments!


Gerry said...

Natasha certainly has all of us scrambling to be certain that we took some "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" time. Your chair will remind of of how Natasha's party and changed all of us.
I've joined you FOLLOWERS

The White Bench said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm sure your finished chair will be stunning! Love the pretty green and the fabric choice!
Thank you for your nice comment too, it was much appreciated!
Have a beautiful Sunday,

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Maggie! Oh,I think the chair is just perfect! I have never seen one like it either. I LOVE what you did with it, so cottage pretty!

The French Bear said...

Ha ha, I was doing my project all morning too, I was thinking the same thing, how could I post about something for me? My wishy washy made me procrastinate until the last minute!!!
I want to post abut that too, it seems we have lots in common besides both being Maggies!!!!
I look forward to seeing your chair all done!
Margaret B

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the fabric you chose for the chair! That is a big project but you are so worth it :0)


The Rose Room said...

Hi Maggie, I am laughing because I too had a chair for my project which is still sitting unfinished in my living room!!! I didn't even post about it so congratulations to you. Love the colour you painted it and love the fabric! Have added you to my Google Reader so I can follow the chair's progress! Rachael:)