Friday, 14 August 2009

For the Love of Tile! Get to Homebase this week!

Hello friends,
This is just for my UK friends as it might be a abit difficult for shopping for those of you based in countries elsewhere!
We found a fabulous deal on mosaic tiles at HOMEBASE this week. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom or loo, get there quick before they're sold out.
Homebase put their own brand ceramic and glass mosaic tiles on clearance this week.
We were able to purchase a box of white, glass mosaic tiles, containing ten sheets per box, for only £3.20 in white.
We bought enough boxes to recover our bathroom floor and two small loos for about £32!
The ceramic was slightly more money, which was odd, since my research had shown the glass are usually more money.
I will post photos when we are finished with the work. For sure it will be a project for autumn as we are off to America soon!
Happy shopping!



Oh... I'll have a look. We were actually at Sainsburys this afternoon (Homebase is adjoined)and it was one of the few times we didn't go in and have a look around!

I'm sure you are feeling very happy about your trip back to America and I hope you have a really lovely time. Andrina X

LiLi M. said...

I was just about to answer your email. Thank you so much for your offer, but I have found my issue. A friend of my daughters' dropped by: Can I borrow that and read it for my list? Well ok, you just have to wait a while before I can tell you what I think of it. But thanks a lot for your offer! Have a great weekend!

Elise said...

Hi, just had to leave a comment for you because of your wonderful blog ! I've really enjoyed reading your interesting and creative posts, and you have fabulous pictures as well. Best wishes and thank you for sharing them all ....

natalie jo said...

Dearest Maggie...I feel as if it's been ages since I've been around to visit and oh have I missed you! Seems as if the lazy days of summer failed to visit either one of us.....the past two months have simply been a blur. Am happy to hear you are past the worst of the swine flu and able to head over to the states. So far we have remained healthy but with the opening of school last week I am quite aware that our luck will most likely take a turn for the worse. At least one case of strep throat can be expected by the end of the month but you can be sure I'll be on the lookout for something more serious having read your post.

Looking forward to hearing all the detils of your trip. Enjoy!
natalie jo