Monday, 6 October 2008

There's a Chill in the Air

Please take a look at my Etsy shops when considering gifts for the holidays.
Sweet Scarlett for all things handmade.
And English Preserves for all sorts of vintage items, just right for that person who likes something different for Christmas. I am planning on adding some new hat designs in time for Christmas gift giving, as well as some vintage bookplates that can be personalized with your child's name on them.

Brrr . . . we have had to turn on the heat in the house, it has been that cold here!

Now I am originally from Buffalo, New York, where our weather can be pretty terrible - I mean wind chill temps below freezing and snow storms that come across Lake Erie leaving us snowed-in and freezing!

So this is 'easy weather' for me now situated in the middle of England! Yet, it feels way colder than the temperature reveals; it is cold and damp in a way that cuts to your bones. Damp cold is on par with the bitter dry cold I lived with for so long.

So our heat is on and there is a nip in the air, and it feels like fall has arrived.
You would never know it from the shops here. Instead, you would think Christmas was much closer than it actually is! The shops do not 'do' autumn. They skip right by it and steer directly into Christmas. I miss the Halloween and Thanksgiving displays and the festive atmosphere they encourage.

However, I did see some pumpkins in a vegetable shop on my way into the city today. They reminded me of home and of haystalks standing guard each side of doorways; and the scents of the leaves falling from tress in vivid colours of the season.

I can close my eyes and see the little children walking to school, kicking up the leaves as they walk along the sidewalks, or, as they return home from school, jumping in piles of leaves, left neatly for the town to cart away for mulching and composting.

Ummm, baking cookies seems like a good idea!

My sister Deborah, who lives in Florida, sent me a set of cookie cutters by Wilton.
She purchased them in Joann Fabrics and made some chocolate ginger cookies from Martha Stewart's website. The set has maple and oak leaves in three sizes and some sweet little acorns in three sizes as well. I haven't used them yet but am thinking about baking some soon, soon, soon!

I have been busy preparing for a visit from some dear friends, Esther and Don, from the US who will be staying with us next week. We are so excited about their visit!
They live in Niagara Falls, New York and are already here in England as I type.

They are first taking a UK and Ireland tour and will be returning to stay with us on Sunday.

We plan on taking them to some of our favourite haunts in and around the Midlands, including Stratford and the
Cotswolds. It should be so much fun!
More about their visit next week!


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You are correct in saying that we don't 'do autumn' here in England -well, not where we are anyway. Sadly - I say that, as it is far soon - a local craft chain started Christmas in August - which is so out of season it is awful!

When I was young, Halloween celebrations just didn't happen (although I believe they had them in Scotland)

I think there has been more interest recently, but this was activated by companies trying to make money out of consummers; so it has become very comercialised as it generates business and income.

I'm sure that the simple ideas of fun and celebration - with a lot of personal effort put into them - are always the best options - plus celebrating with people you care about.

Hope you are not too homesick, all best wishes, Andrina